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Order To Murder A Venezuelan Investigative Journalist

Order To Murder A Venezuelan Investigative Journalist
It is known that in the month of December of the past year, the Venezuelan investigative reporter Maibort Petit, at the invitation of Kring Antillen, was in Curacao to give a lecture about the influence of the drug cartels on the Venezuelan government. Her revelations were shocking for all those in the crowded room who had no idea of the criminal nature of this degenerate Venezuelan government.

For a small group of more insiders from the world of intelligence and defense, this was old news. At Maibort's request, her stay in Curacao was kept as discreet as possible and the invited journalists were requested not to report on her presentation until she had left the island.

This is because in the past Maibort has been regularly threatened by the drug cartels in Venezuela. For years she has lived in the United States from where she goes on steadily to expose the serious corruption and drug trafficking related crime of which the Venezuelan government is still guilty of to this day. You can read about her findings on her blog: www.maibortpetit.blogspot.com .

Recently, Maibort received a death threat and she was informed that hired killers have already been deployed in New York, the city where she lives. To obtain information, the intellectual perpetrators must be sought in the circles of the current Venezuelan prosecutor general, 'el honorable senor' Tarek William Saab, his brother Douglas Saab and some conspiring senior officials in the Venezuelan government.

Maibort has kept secret information in several of her articles about the corruption that is going on in PDVSA and in the Public Prosecution Service under the direction of Saab. She also made a detailed public report of the investigation, prosecution and conviction for drug trafficking of the two nephews of Maduro's wife. In addition, she also published a lot about Chavez-related business owners and financiers who are involved in drug cartels operating in Venezuela, such as the Cartel de los Soles, the Sinaloa Cartel, Los Zetas, the Atlantic Cartel and the Cartel de Guajira.

Tarek Saab was appointed by the fake Venezuelan parliament (Assamblea Nacional Constituyente) after deposing the former attorney general mrs. Luisa Ortega Diaz who then had to flee from Venezuela for her life. Venezuela has now apparently fallen into the lowest level in lawlessness. When the chief prosecutor of the prosecution, the prosecutor-general himself is heavily involved in a murder order, it is all lost, there is no greater administrative decadence.

These are the people who are in charge of the current Venezuelan state, drug traffickers, money launderers, thieves and murderers. I told him before, the fight against this Venezuelan government is not a political battle, it is a fight against organized crime. So I am very annoyed by that group of narrow-minded and unrighteous politicians here in Curacao who believe that our heads of government should start talking with these bandits, believing that the right diplomatic approach could convince the Venezuelan government to lift the blockade measures against the islands.

It makes little sense to use diplomacy against criminals, who are not susceptible to this and work in lines that are determined by completely different (extortion) regimes. Moreover, the recently issued total blockade has nothing to do with fighting illicit trafficking or punishing the Kingdom for supporting the sanctions issued by the EU. The measure is only a retaliation for the Dutch refusal to accredit Mata Figueroa, an ex-general of the Venezuelan army who is heavily involved in the drug trade, for the post of consul in Aruba.

Maduro's government needs such a peripheral character on that outpost to facilitate their drug smuggling and money laundering and the Netherlands (and the USA) know that and rightly so do not cooperate. Politicians like Schotte, Wilsoe, Moses and Cordoba must realize that with all their efforts to lick Maduro's heels as much as possible, they make it increasingly difficult for Curaçao to stay out of the grip of organized crime.

It is therefore very sensible for our Prime Minister to keep his distance and leave the diplomatic tension with Venezuela for the time being to the Kingdom. We also do well, just as Maibort Petit has always done, to bravely resist the rise of the South American drugs mafia. After all, Curaçao can opt for a cowardly decay to an anarchist robber's nest or for cracking resistance to the threatening grip of the international drugs mafia.

The coming generations on our island will suffer the consequences of our choice. Let us develop a steadfast and brave Curaçao and take an example of Maibort, that little female that has a lot more splash in her body than all the aforementioned opposing politicians together.

By George Lichtveld -Cucracao Chronicles